We are here to answer all your questions

1. What is Streak?

Teach your child the importance of earning. Tie their pocket-money to tasks and watch them unlock the value of money.

2. Is there a minimum age?

Streak is built for the teens of India aged between 11-18. Although if parents want their children to start using our service early, we encourage that.

3. How much does it cost?

Streak is absolutely free. No hidden charges.

4. Does this card require a bank account?

No, it does not require a bank account.

5. Where is the card accepted?

The card is accepted at all online vendors that accept Rupay. UPI can be used for offline payments.

6. Is Streak safe?

Absolutely! Streak is built in partnership with one of the leading banks in the country and complies with industry-standard policies.

7. What do I need to request for a card?

The parent is required to register and complete a quick 2 minute KYC process.

8. How do I transfer the pocket-money?

Parents can transfer money to their child’s card by using NEFT, Netbanking, UPI, and even by debit and credit cards.

9. Is there a minimum balance?

We do not have any minimum balance requirements.

10. Do I need to do KYC?

Yes, the parent is required to complete a quick and easy KYC process

11. Is my child safe with Streak card?

Your child is completely safe with Streak. We at Streak believe that parents should have track of their child’s pocket money. Parents will be able to monitor their child’s finances and also block or unblock the card in case the card is lost.

12. Does my child need a phone to use the Streak card?

No, your child can use our awesome card to transact. Although we would recommend that children have their phone to use our app and get an in-depth experience of Streak.

13. Is it a physical card?

No, we are starting with a virtual card. But we will be launching our smart debit card soon and early-bird users will be receiving the card for free.

14. How can my child save?

Children will be able to move money from their card to their savings pot with a click of a button.