15 ways students are earning money in 2023

When you're a student, there’s so much happening at all times and you want to be a part of it, badly. The only problem is - most fun things take money. This small ‘m’ word is a big problem when you’re still studying. The good news is, earning money might have been difficult a few years ago but with the internet and social media taking up our lives in every way, it's fairly easy to make some pocket money today. Most students are already doing so!

Here are our favourite 15 ways for students to earn money while still studying.

source: honeypotmarketing.com

1. Social media influencer

With the boom in the influencer industry since the pandemic, several teen influencers have gained huge popularity across various channels. If you are camera friendly or good at content creation, you can become an influencer and get paid for sponsored posts and product reviews.

2. Sell your artwork

Love art? You can monetise your artwork by selling it offline or online. You can start by making an instagram account and can also sell your work through local flea markets.

3. Tutoring

This is one of the most popular ways among teens to make money. If you excel in a particular subject, you can make easy money by tutoring other students or teaching your juniors.

4. Virtual assistant

If you want to make money from the comfort of your home, this is one of the ways to do it! As a virtual assistant, you can help businesses with administrative tasks like data entry, scheduling, and customer service. The only drawback might be that you would have to carefully set timings dependeing on other people's availability.

5. Event photography

There is always some or the other event happening all around the town, be it local concerts or college fests. If you have a knack for photography, you can capture these events and eventually charge for it. If you can combine your photography skills with videography, you might find it easier to get work.

6. Online surveys

This is an easy way to make small money. Companies that want to gather consumer feedback pay for these surveys, all you need is good internet and you’re all set!

7. Thrift shop owner

This is for all the fashion lovers! If you think you have a good taste in fashion, you can curate your old outfits and those of your friends to sell them in a thrift store. You can start by creating an instagram page to sell it online. The pandemic saw a rise in new thrift stores and if there's one thing we know - thrifting never goes out of fashion.

8. Freelance writing

If you're a talented writer, you can make money by writing articles for websites and blogs. You can choose your own niche to write about and find companies that work in the same sector.  

9. Dance lessons

Whether you’re a classical or bollywood dancer, you can use your dancing skills to teach younger children while following your passion. The best part is, you get to decide your own timings at your comfort.

10. Sell handmade products

Candles, jewellery, soap, you can make these products right from your home and sell them. If you're crafty, you can use your creative skills to make the products you like most. This is a great time to do so because people are increasingly buying handmade products to give opportunities to small businesses and artists.

11. Personal training

This is for all the fitness freaks. You can turn your passion for fitness into If you're into fitness, you can offer personal training services to people who want to get in shape.

12. Freelance coding

This is for all our tech savvy readers. You can use your coding skills to help businesses build their app or website. The best place to find work would be different freelance websites that can connect you to clients across the world.

13. YouTube videos

You can combine your love for camera and content by turning it into youtube videos. You can pick any niche you love be it cooking or travelling and make money by earning ad revenue from views.

14. Gaming

Spending hours in front of your screen, gaming? It’s time to start earning from it. If you get skilled at a particular game, you can enter gaming competitions and earn from the prize money. It may be competitive but definitely a great way for gamers to earn!

15. Freelance graphic designer

There’s a huge demand for graphic designers in almost every industry. You can start by learning any of the popular design softwares like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and then monetise the skill.

If you really want to start earning, take this as your sign to start. You can finally stop procrastinating and get going. Even if your find it hard to get work right away, you can keep building your skills and learning as you go. All the best!