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A card for teens that is fun

Experience the world of Streak. Teens get a super fun app to save and a cool card to spend. The best part? You win awesome rewards both ways.

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Banking for teens. Made seriously fun.

Experience the world of Streak. Banking made simple, fun and exclusively for teens. You get a super fun app to save and a super cool card to spend. And oh, you win awesome rewards both ways. 

Save or spend. 
It's a win-win!

Win rewards for both saving and spending

A card to flaunt

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Safe usage with RBI regulated, PIN protected transactions.



Smart controls to track expenses & set card limits.
Sleek personalised card made specially for teens.

Easily track your expenses in a go

Keep a track of all your
expenses on Streak

Complete goals for your Dream purchases

Keep a track of all your
expenses on Streak

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we’ve got the answers

1. Is Streak free?

Yes, Streak is absolutely free! No hidden charges.

2. Is there a minimum age to use Streak?

Streak is built anyone under the age of 22. Its the most popular debit card among teens. If you want to get financially independent and use your own personalised debit card, Streak is the place for you to be!

3. Is Streak safe?

Absolutely! Streak is built in partnership with one of the leading banks in the country and complies with banking industry-standard data protection and privacy policies.

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